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Jean Michel Glasman has created Secret Service Style (SSS) in Paris from 1984 after finishing his collaboration with another design studio Sacha Pacha. He directed SSS with certain periods of coordinating more than 20 people, in managing some projects as well as in the sectors: men, women, children, accessories etc. SSS realised more than 400 collections in different sectors of textile.

Since 2009, we launch our activities in China and begin to collaborate with some Chinese beautiful brands.

Our Experts:

We carry out our activities through the collaboration with more than 80 designers who are specialised in different domains: women / men / children / underwear/ graphic / accessory… Based on the needs of our clients, these talented designers devote their efforts and creativities on every mission.

Our Main activities:

Edition :
Forecasting the fashion trend, we edit the trend book based on various themes in order to provide our clients the latest fashion information: colours, materials, accessories, cutting and style with photos and references.

Trends research :
Our designers help the clients to develop their new style for the following season by providing the trend boards with details including: ambiance / colour & material / accessory / assortment board with explanation. This trend research enables the companies to catch up the latest trend that facilitates the collection design.

Collection :
It’s an overall design service. Not just the trend research, our designers help our clients by providing original model designs with technical files, give the artistic direction to ensure the coordination of the collection, participate in the try-on period and suggest the modification of prototype for the final result. Graphic – We work with the graphic designers on creating the patterns on T-shirt and in-door decoration and help the companies to create their own logo.

Marketing :
We carry out the marketing research - analyse the brand, its position and the current market situation in order to develop the marketing strategy which facilitate the collection construction and consolidate a strong brand image.  We also provide the strategies to develop the international market.

Training :
Enforcing your know-how on fashion domain, such as marketing and branding through lectures given by our designers and the professors in the fashion school. Event – service for fashion events, such as: organisation of fashion show for the opening ceremony.

Event :
Service for fashion events, such as: organisation of fashion show for the opening ceremony, space design for fashion fair.

Shopping Tour :
During the period of international Ready-to-Wear Salons every February and September, we organise a shopping tour for our clients in the cities as Paris, Milan, London, Florence and Berlin in order to visit the boutiques of designers / creators and explore the latest trend.

Fragrance creation :
Located in Grasse, this city is famous as an origin of fragrance. The clients could create their own fragrance while visiting the factories and produce it from these professional fragrance houses.


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